Friday, July 22, 2011

Topics of Interest

Farming Bubble Could Be Brewing As Farmland Values Boom.

Dmitry Orlov speaks at the Long Now Foundation. "By the mid-1990s I started to see the Soviet/American superpowerdom as a sort of disease that strives for world dominance but in fact eviscerates its host country, eventually leaving behind an empty shell -- an impoverished population, an economy in ruins, a legacy of social problems, and a tremendous burden of debt. The symmetry between the two superpwers were already too numerous to mention, and they have been growing ever since... But it is the asymmetires between the two superpowers that I find instructive... It turns out that many aspects of the Soviet system were paradoxically resilient in the face of system-wide collapse..." He goes on to list the details. His blog.

Nassim Taleb Says No to Big Corporations and No to Big Government

Philip K. Howard on Fixing Broken Government (Seminars About Long-Term Thinking) including a very intelligent breakdown of the dangers of public sector unions (33 min).

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