Saturday, August 20, 2011


Code Academy uses game mechanics and just-in-time learning to teach you programming basics.

Objective C youtube tutorials

Article on top 10 IT skills for 2011, including iphone apps (on Twago)

Info on app development costs via 2010, $50-$250/hr

O'Reilly trainings and news

Good article on what it takes to be an iphone app developer, "Market watchers say it's the ability to grasp mobile's new usage rules, and not simply the ability to master new programming skills, that separates those with an affinity for mobile development from those who just don't get it." "The need for strong Java, HTML and general technical skills goes without saying. Developers who are steeped in the tenets of modern object-oriented programming and understand user interface and design patterns will have a leg up." "Learning by doing is the next best approach [to school and training], and one likely favored by the bulk of existing IT professionals, according to Nick Dalton, owner of 360mind, an application development consultancy specializing in mobile apps."

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