Saturday, October 20, 2012

The podcast and video list that kept me sane in my office job for the last two years

Podcasts and videos: - Visions of Utopia - Intentional Communities resources id_kongresssession=3859 - Vandana Shiva webinar design-and-where-did-it-come.html - "slow design" - debate between mckibben and russ roberts - Japanese Peasant household economics lectures - Sustainable mining

Other Resources: - Stockholm Resilience Center

Advsa "Favorites" Bar:
SALT - seminars about long term thinking
CBCpodcasts -
Nature's Harmony Farm
Survival Podcast
Self-sufficient gardener
The Independent Entrepreneur -
Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner podcasts -
Vegetable Gardening (with mike)
Permaculture Magazine
Mother Earth News
Permaculture Media Blog
Permaculture Planet
Prepper Podcast Facebook
E.F. Schumaker Society lectures
Kauffman Foundation - Infectious talk
Growing Local Economies - Resources -
Podcasts - LSE
Future Primitive Podcasts interviews with authors, visionaries, and innovators -
Columbia Podcasts Archives -
Edible Radio -
Sustainable World Radio -
DIY Scholar - International Relations
DIY Scholar -
Equal Time Radio -
Miller Center of Public Affairs rss -
The History Network podcasts -
UC Berkeley webcasts -
Radio Open Source -
Small Farmer's Journal -
The Urban Farming Guys - Inspiration Farm classes -
Organic Gardening Magazine -
MIT OpenCourseWare - History -
Wriggly Wrigglers podcast -
Ken Druse garden podcast -
A Way to Garden - Margaret Roach -
Princeton University WebMedia -
Open Culture -
The Self-Sufficient Homestead -
NewHouse Farm (Dick and James Strawbridge, BBC show) -
Root Simple -
12 dozen places to Educate Yourself Online for Free - educate-yourself-online/
Make Magazine blog -
Make videos and podcasts -
Permaculture Activist magazine
The Long Now Foundation
Whole Earth Catalog -
Chelsea Green -
Chelsea Green Podcasts - -
Global Guerrillas
Ushahidi - open source information platform -
Fast Company
Backwoods Home Magazine
Radio Free Dylan
Santa Fe Institute videos
12 podcasts for the creative class - Fast Company
MIT Opencourseware
Introduction to Electronics -
Acres USA
Farm Dreams
The Simple Good Life Network
Geek Farm Life
French Organic Gardening Magazine -

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