Friday, September 30, 2011

Home School Modules

Becca is on to an amazing niche -- providing classes/ babysitting/ socializing opportunities for parents homeschooling their kids. We could build an ecology of these as modules.
(list of WA homeschool and unschool resources)


Geometry through Carpentry
- Housebuilding for Children
- Carpentry for Children
- Examples here.
- Geometry curricula.
- Construction and Trade lesson plans.

Using excel to track financial data, make budgets, and organize events.

Gardening and garden planning (using excel).

Making presentations on a subject using powerpoint.

Wilderness, blogging, photography, gear, survival skills, situational awareness, team work and leadership.

You could charge $200/mo for 8 hours/wk, that would cost parents $1000/mo for full-time education for their kids, which is still less than most private schools and would have a teacher:student ratio of 1:6 and no overhead. More realistically, they could have their kid in 2-3 modules at a time, and do the rest themselves.

A teacher could make $1200/mo for 32 hours with 6 kids + 16 hours preparation and follow-up. 1200/48 = $25/hr

There may need to be a coordinator or counselor that can make sure needs are being met as far as well-rounded education, meeting testing needs, guidance for higher ed, etc.

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