Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seattle Area Trade Degrees

South Seattle Community College
Fact Sheet about South Seattle CC's Aviation Maintenance Technology program; web site here; info on AAS-T degree with both Powerplant and Airframe certifications (160 credits); Link to just the Airframer and Powerplant joint certificate program (147 credits); recent article states program "has so far seen a hiring rate of 85 to 90 percent."

Total Cost ~ $8500 for two years; 4 quarters per year with 1 month off between each quarter; one 17-credit class at a time, 5 days/week, 5.5 hrs per day.

WA Aerospace Training and Research Center
Offers a 12-week intro course - 4 week core skills online, 8 weeks of advanced skills including 4 weeks onsite (27.5 credits). Emphases include assembly mechanic, electrical assembler, composite manufacturing and repair. $4800 total.

Shoreline CC
Fact sheet on Solar/PV Design & Marketing at Shoreline; 5 credit course.
Fact sheet on Clean Energy Technology AAAS degree at Shoreline; 90 credits, 4 quarters [only 75 credits without GenEd, primarily electives in business, econ, CAD, graphics]:
"Emphasis is on residential and commercial buildings with specialties in passive solar and sustainable (green) building Design and photovoltaic (solar electric)system design...students obtain a background in alternative energy and an understanding of practices in high performance and zero energy building practices including alternative energy systems, green building techniques, and designing and installing residential and commercial electric, metering and control systems...strong- hands-on component... Entry level wages range from $14 to $25 per hour."
Fact sheet on Clean Energy Tech Certificate; 60 credits, 4 quarters

WA State CC's Workforce Development Green Academy Education Program offers classes on particular topics including Solar/PV installation.

A guide to the hazards of welding gases and fumes.

Energy and Science Technician at Lake WA Institute of Technology. ~50 (minus GenEd & Word & Excel). Focus in BioEnergy, Renewable Energy Tech, Industrial Lab. 30-35 creds core, ~30 creds elec (e.g. 15 creds bio, 5 Electronics, 5 PV, 5 Wind, etc... or ~55 creds in addition to 35 cred core to cover my bases in Bio Energy, Electronics, PV, Wind & Water, and Architectural reading/estimating.

Also, I-BEST Energy Certificate (same page) is 28 creds and covers the basics:

ETEC 110 Introduction to Alternative Energy & Energy Management 5
ETEC 121 Biomass and Bio-fuel Basics 5
ETEC 123 Introduction to Photovoltiac Systems 4
ETEC 124 Fundamentals of Water and Wind Power 5
EASL 085 ESL Energy Technology Applications I 3
EASL 086 ESL Energy Technology Applications II 3
EASL 087 ESL Energy Technology Applications III 3

Estimated costs: $12,000 for AAAS, $3200 for I-BEST Certificate

List of all Lake WA Institute of Technology programs including:
Architectural Graphics
Computer Security and Network Technician incl an additional certificate in Linux and Open-Source Operating Systems
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technician certificate
Electronics Technology with a range of options incl printed circuit boards
Engineering Graphics - Mechanical Design emphasis
Environmental Horticulture
Machine Technology certificate
Motorcycle, Marine, and Power Equipment Service Tech AAAS
Multimedia Design & Production
Welding and Fabrication Maintenance Technology certificate (9 kinds of welding)

Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee participating workplaces
Air Washington website and directory of Aerospace Apprenticeships section referring to the rest of the pdf.
Forum thread on non-defense aerospace jobs
Wage and job data for 161 WA state aerospace companies

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