Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today's Research Notes

Upcoming PDF book: The Economics of Self-Sufficient Communities
or The Revenge of the Super-Empowered Peasantry

Today's Google Research:
  • Economics and Self-Sufficiency - Wes Jackson on self-sufficiency in Russian factory towns
    The Siberian welder and his family with his garden, pig, and chickens have more to say about a sustainable future than anything the web has to offer. This is not an argument that we should empty our cities but rather that we do get more people back on the land in small places, the small communities, and that essentially everyone in the cities be respectful of, if not connected to, one or more farmer in the local countryside. In our educational efforts of the young it is an argument for teaching the basics about our source. By that I don't mean microeconomics but rather important processes like photosynthesis and the energetics of material recycling.
  • Sand pile dynamics
  • Black Swans
  • Russ Roberts is a free trade, Hayek-ian economist who writes that self-sufficiency is a path to poverty
  • Debate between Russ Roberts and Bill McKibben on "Buy Local" economics, including audio
  • Bill McKibben - books of interest include Hope, Human, and Wild, and Deep Economy
  • Economic Impacts of Increasing Hawaii's Food Self-Sufficiency (2008) - PDF
  • Autarky - the risks of which are frequently stated

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