Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Accelerated Learning in Accelerated Times"

Long Now Foundation podcast with Timothy Ferris

1) Find the person who's really good at something they're not a natural at. Find their personal blog. Discover (ask them) their trick.
2) Discrete units. Break things down into component parts and learn them.
3) Identify the extremes.
4) Minimum effective doses. Fat loss tricks: 5min (1set) 3x week kettle bell swings ("4hour body"); 30g w/in 30min of waking up (whey protein); 90-120sec muscle tension; 1200 words for fluency in a language
5) Sequencing.
6) Frequency. Cram a language for 7 days 8-10hrs/day before immersion. Michel Thomas books.
7) 8 sense audit for languages. and so on.

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