Friday, October 7, 2011

the "bucket" list - first to mind

write a book
grow all or most of my own food
be in a fight, and win
make a living off my own ideas, doing my own work
be a valuable/valued team member
walk around barefoot most of the time (for a while)
fix a complicated machine
convert a complicated machine to do something else
build a house
plan way ahead and be grateful I did
nurture something to maturity
be inducted into a tribe or shamanic order
make something complicated from scratch
be a cornerstone of a community
be known for fair arbitration
inspire others to be honorable and good by example
be able to teach something of real value to people
be calm and patient
be okay with dying but not eager
love a woman for my/her whole life and leave the kids with that
raise natural, free, brilliant, honorable children
be good at a sport
cultivate the will and determination to create the life I prefer
hunt and bring home game
die happy
and nudge us a little closer to being a spacefaring race

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