Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Open Source Ecology distillation [DRAFT]

Right now, the Global Village Construction Set is being driven primarily by the enthusiasm of makers, those that love the idea of local, DIY production. To tap the enthusiasm of the broader public, we need to explain the theory of change - how the GVCS is going to change the world, and why it's viable.

Flexible Fabrication
A flexible, high-tech, low-cost tool set operated by skilled craftsmen promises:
(a) just-in-time, client-centered LOCAL production
(c) a greater margin between cost of production and the current price of comparable products, meaning prices can go down and producer profits can go up
(d) fewer sunk costs for machinery, since most machinery is not product-specific and can be adapted to other uses

(a) zero sunk costs for labor, since labor is able to self-sustain between jobs
(b) flexible, episodic work arrangements for neosubsistence craftsmen

Distributive Economics
(a) open sourcing everything means everybody can make use of it
(b) innovation resulting from need

Omnivorous Energy
(a) home, farm or village scaled energy systems (on or off grid)
(b) diverse fuel inputs for adjustment/adaptation to different needs and environmental conditions (solar, wind, water, biofuels, biomass)

(a) a HANDS-ON make-anything, do-everything integrated tool set for learning the fundamentals of all sciences and emphasizing an understanding of the underpinnings of society and economy (agricultural surplus = free time = education = skills = specialization = technology = economy)
(b) K-12 curriculum that goes above and beyond current high school expectations, taught in an experiential, lifestyle environment
(c) community-centered education in "eco-villages"; children educated where parents live and work
(d) networked education allows access to online classes (MIT lectures), learning forums, webinars, etc.
(e) college education optional but kids can specialize from K-12 GenEd base
(f) goal: a resilient, useful, successful individual; "jack of all trades, master of one."

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