Saturday, October 17, 2009

The conservative rebuttal

1) Don't mess with the market. Less is more when it comes to government. All depends upon the invisible hand!

2) Health care reform will fuck the budget for sure. (Heritage Foundation) I'm not going to get into the costs of the bill. 

"In floor speeches for weeks, GOP leaders have slammed Democrats for trillion-dollar price tags, tax increases, Medicare cuts to seniors, expansion of government, and the exclusion of minority views, notably their own...What GOP plans have in common are elements to increase competition and defend against government deciding terms of healthcare or insurance." (csmonitor)

Elements of GOP plans include:

• Tax credits to individuals who purchase health insurance on their own.

• Incentives for states and small businesses to band together and offer health insurance at lower costs.

• Tort reform to reduce costly “defensive medicine.”

• Incentives to save through health savings accounts.

• Incentives to promote prevention and wellness.

• Reforms to end discrimination on the basis of preexisting conditions.

• Breaking down barriers to purchasing health insurance across state lines.

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