Sunday, October 25, 2009


We need to be able to make our own choices. Only a free being can take full responsibility for his or her life. We have this idea that a person allowed to be free will harm others, crave power, dominate. But isn't this the result of not being free in the first place?

I don't know a practical way out of this - if we freed every person to do whatever they wanted right now without societal restraint or domination by one another...well, hell, maybe it would go over alright. I'm predisposed to imagine disorder, but then I only know people in their oppressed states. We've all developed under domination. If we were free to choose what we wanted, having maintained trust in others, having grown up loved and empowered, would we choose domination? Would it have any advantage or make us feel safer? Quite the contrary. I think if we grew up loved and trusted we would want to love and trust. Just a hunch. Underneath all this conditioning.

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