Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dynamic unions?

If markets fluctuate dynamically to take advantage of new niches and technologies, then the workforce needs to be able to adapt as it does so. But how does the workforce protect itself?

As unions go, how does a union work with the dynamism of the market without compromising the security of workers? Can unions be dynamic?

It seems like a fair share in the yield would be the best motivation. If the business were essentially the workers' - and the connection between the workers' livelihood and the business' competitiveness made direct - perhaps they would be a bit more willing to take risks? This brings us back toward the idea of cooperative corporations, kibbutz-style (Okun, 1975).

And does the market need to be so dynamic? I would argue yes, if only because our culture and world is in such a state of flux. With all the technological change and the need to adapt to a changing awareness of environmental impact, new products, production methods, distributive processes (and so on) changing all the time, the market needs to be dynamic. Nimble. Quick. At least until things stabilize; if things stabilize. Which they may never do.

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