Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is capitalism save-able in a just world?

Can capitalism work as an optimizing system rather than a maximizing system?

Could the environmental destruction and oppression caused by the free market be tamed by a new model that accounts for those things as real costs?

The organic flux, the adaptability, the innovation, the vibrancy, the creative potentialities...could these be preserved in a system that works for the well-being of all?

I think it's more interesting to design things within the constraints of a medium than without any constraints. It brings an element of balancing, of considering multiple needs to achieve the best possible results for all. This takes much more nuance, and much more skill.

When one takes into account the properties of clay when creating with it, the result is bound to be more beautiful and more functional than when one does not. But you need freedom to design within those constraints or the interest just gets sucked out of the whole endeavor.

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