Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Regenerating the Sustenance Economy of the "Developed" World.


1. Ecology - Effective management of the environmental commons is best achieved via local, decentralized, and democratic means, and requires people to understand the capacities and limitations of their environment, which is best achieved experientially [insert Vandana Shiva's inverted triangle here].
2. Citizenry - Responsible citizenship and wise decision-making begins with knowing where our sustenance comes from and how it is sustained.
3. Household Economy - The economics of small family farms and intergenerational households are far more resilient in the face of economic booms and busts than isolated, single-family households.
4. Regional Economy - Strong regional economies depend on people being producers as much as consumers.
5. Pleasure - Providing for one's own and one's family's sustenance is immeasurably satisfying.

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