Friday, November 18, 2011

Whatcom Folk School in Bellingham!

"Building Resilience, Strengthening Community"

Whatcom Folk School is all about connecting people looking to learn the skills of a more resilient, joyful and sustainable life with instructors and organizations who offer courses in practical skills such as woodworking, basketry, quilting, animal husbandry, living democracy, arts and crafts,… please see our catalog for classes being offered.
Whatcom Folk School is based on these five basic principles:

1.Re-skilling – Offering training in a vast range of past and contemporary practical skills.
2.Inclusivity – Believing that everyone in the community holds a part of the story and a part of the solution to a more sustainable and resilient county.
3.Honoring Elders – Learning from those who have lessons to share.
4.Awareness – Raising awareness about the changes we need to create more sustainable and resilient communities.
5.Networking – Working cooperatively with existing groups and programs.

Whatcom Folk School is a non-profit that is being started by a grass roots volunteer effort.

Whatcom Folk School is now open to receive submissions for teaching classes for Fall Quarter 2011!

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