Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's missing in education?

1. tools for decision-making
2. financial management
3. goal-setting
4. unpacking "value"
5. birds-eye economics & one's place in it
6. the history of civilization and economy
7. growing. building. fixing. empowerment in the immediate world
8. long-term thinking and planning across scenarios (resilience)

more to come.

"The Missing Curriculum" ?

The Null Curriculum. Journal article.
"There is something of a paradox involved in writing about a curriculum that does not exist. Yet, if we are concerned with the consequences of school programs and the role of curriculum in shaping those consequences, then it seems to me that we are well advised to consider not only the explicit and implicit curricula of schools but also what schools do not teach. It is my thesis that what schools do not teach may be as important as what they do teach. I argue this position because ignorance is not simply a neutral void; it has important effects on the kinds of options one is able to consider, the alternatives that one can examine, and the perspectives from which one can view a situation or problems. ...p. 97"

From Eisner's perspective the null curriculum is simply that which is not taught in schools.

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