Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vandana Shiva: "Occupy Your Life"

Here in the U.S. we so easily lose sight of it, thinking we have to have a “job.” But vast numbers of people around the world (as well as most of our ancestors) didn’t earn their livelihood from a corporate paycheck. As we move into a more Resilient local economy, the concept of “jobs” will probably become an antiquated concept. Of all the things Vandana Shiva said, the comments that had the biggest impact on me personally were in the final question of the night, during the Q&A portion of her public talk. Someone asked “if you could say something to the Occupy movement what would you say?” Vandana Shiva flashed her brilliant and embracing laughing smile, a smile that hooks right into your heart and you can’t help but feel the connection. She replied: “I’d tell them, Occupy your Life.”
Article here.

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